EUPORIA - Open Access Philosophy & Philosophy of Open Science

Euporia is a platform aiming to increase the discoverability of Open Access philosophical resources in as many languages as possible. In this way, Euporia intends to promote the use of Open Access philosophical contribuition and to intensify a critical discussion of Open Science and the impact of digitality on contemporary culture. You will find relevant Open Access primary and secondary literature in the field of philosophy as well as thematic collections and blog discussions on topics such as philosophy of Open Science, digitality, philosophy of the commons and research ethics.

The ancient greek word euporia (εὐπορία), according to the LSJ Lexicon, means “ease, facility, of doing a thing” and, as opposed to poverty, “plenty, abundance”. In the philosophical tradition, it was also used in opposition to aporia (ἀπορία), as “solution of doubts or difficulties”. Euporos is the person  “full of resources or devices, ingenious, inventive”. Last, but not least, we like the random assonance with the word euphoria.