Book series: More than 200 Series (

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy of science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy (general);

Languages: English, German, Italian

Services: Manuscripts preparation, proof-reading, cover design, marketing, world-wide distribution, ingestion in university library catalogues, enhanced publications,free open access funding and policy support service, Marketing, e-book Performance report

Dissemination formats: PDF, ePub and HTML* formats from SpringerLink and through other platforms and indexers including MOBI through Amazon

Costs for authors: Springer: Monographs and collected volumes (up to 400 pages) 13,000 € Proceedings (up to 400 pages) 11,050 € SpringerBriefs (mid-length format, 50-125 pages) 7000 € Chapters in non-open access books (up to 40 pages) 2,170 €.... Palgrave: Monographs and edited collections (up to 400 pages) 11,000 € Proceedings (up to 400 pages) 9,350 €  Palgrave Pivots (mid-length format, 25,000–50,000 words) 6,000 €  Chapters in non-open access books (up to 40 pages) 1870 €

 License: CC BY 4.0

 Type of peer review process: Potential author can suggest peer reviewers in their proposal