The Bonner Kant-Korpus

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At the Institute for Communication Research and Phonetics (now merged into the Institute for Communication Sciences) of the University of Bonn, Immanuel Kant's works, correspondence and handwritten estate are available as electronically stored data sets. Since 2008 has taken over the provision and maintenance of the data. The data largely correspond to the first three sections, i.e. volumes 1-23, of the Academy edition of Kant's writings. They are coded in standardized form with Unicode and XML and can be read and searched via this website. Electronic Edition of the Collected Works of Immanuel Kant • Facsimiles of the volumes 1-23 • Complete Index of the Correspondence from Volumes 10-13 and 23 • Handwritten notes from the volumes 14-19, sorted by find location • Search in volumes 1-23 • Index of persons 1st level for volumes 1-23

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