Discourse on the Dignity of Man

Progetto Pico / Pico Project 

The Pico Project makes accessible a complete resource for the reading and interpretation of the Discourse within its own context, from an initial encounter through direct contact with the original text, presented here in its first printed edition (Bologna 1496) of which there exist no extant manuscripts.

The electronic apparatus permits the user to take one step further, beyond the written text, towards the fullest realization of the anti-esoteric attitude which inspired Pico to publish his 900 theses and to present them for public discussion.

The international community of collaborators, affiliated with the University of Bologna and Brown University, has as one of its principal objectives the rejuvenation of the humanistic model of holistic knowledge which, rather than relying on specialized areas of concentration, takes shape from a wide breadth of experience. Their endeavor, likewise, is not realized through individual efforts of specialists but by a community of scholars who are responsible for all aspects of those sections of the text assigned to them. In this fashion, the success of the project depends upon the unrestricted circulation of information among the project's members and upon the notion that every portion of the text reflects the work as a whole and in a certain way contains it.