Benedictus de Spinoza

Opera, im Auftrag der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften herausgegeben von Carl Gebhardt, Heidelberg (c. Winter) 1925.

Ethica, ordine geometrico demonstrata.

In: EthicaDB –> On this site, you can find a digital and multilingual publication of Spinoza’s Ethics that offers several translations, hypertextual navigation and search tools. These versions of Spinoza’s Ethics have been already published :

the complete Latin version (Gebhardt)

the English translation by Elwes

the French Appuhn’s translation

the Italian Renato Peri’s translation

the German Jakob Stern’s translation

the Dutch Nico van Suchtelen’s translation

the Spanish Vidal Peña’s translation

In: Ethica, work without obstacle (Latin, French, Brasilian and English). –> This is a free internet application for internet and smartphones which proposes a digital and augmented edition of the Ethics by Spinoza. Thanks to an unprecedented visualization of the text, Ethica makes visible the demonstrative network of the work. The user can see and read freely the text, explore it in a innovative and intuitive way. Video comments from 100 philosophers from around the world accompany him in his readings. He can share his discoveries, his questions and thus participate building a global community of readers-interpreters.

Tractatus theologico-politicus (German translation). Text based on the translation by Julius Heinrich von Kirchmann of 1870.